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Rainbow Eggs

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

A colourful and whimsical trend has taken the world by storm, I’m talking about unicorn frappuccino, mermaid candy bars, rainbow bagels and the list goes on. Their cheery colours may bring a smile to our face but they also make many of us cringe as we imagine the ingredient list full of incomprehensible items, which our grandparents surely would not recognize. But, what if I told you that there is an authentic, natural food item that puts those fluorescent lab creations to shame…would you like to hear more? Hells yes, you do! I’d like to introduce you to…Rainbow Eggs! This may resurrect images of water colour painted Easter eggs from your childhood, but I’m talking even more authentic than those nostalgic pieces of art. I’m talking freshly laid, straight from the hen, colourful eggs!

Delicate Polka Dot Eggs

You might be thinking I’ve lost my mind and I don’t blame you, we have been raised on factory farmed eggs that come in two colours; blinding white and plain old brown. But let me tell you friends, that is not all there is! Just like children, who come in all shapes, colours and sizes, hens lay eggs in all shapes, colours and sizes too! Different breeds of hens lay different coloured eggs, which vary from shades of white, blue, green, pinkish, chocolate brown and more. Now, before you go imagining green egg yolks on your plate, the insides do not match the exteriors, the yolks are all yellow on the inside. Perhaps these colourful eggs are just trying to remind us of an important life lesson…while we all may look different on the outside; inside we are all humans just trying to get by in this crazy world. Food for thought…literally!

We get a lot of joy from sharing our eggs with friends & family, but we especially love to see the look on their faces when they open the carton to find a beautiful little blue egg waiting patiently to delight them. Below we hope to bring an all-natural smile to your face by introducing you to the many shades of eggs!

Store bought eggs perfectly the same. Farm Fresh are beautifully different and imperfect.

This is Marissa Tomei, she is an Easter Egger who lays beautiful blue eggs.

This is one of Marissa Tomei's blue eggs.

Beautiful Eggs


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