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Finding Love in an Unusual Place

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

This is the story of an unlikely love. It’s the type of honest to goodness story that warms your heart and reminds you that animals are intelligent, curious and loving creatures who deserve more compassion and kindness. It shows you that when you take the time to watch and learn, magical secrets can reveal themselves.

It all began when we brought home a rescue pigeon.

I will pause there because I realize this may not be a statement you read every day, and you may think that you have misunderstood but I assure you, you read correctly. Domesticated pigeons show up on people’s doorsteps and refuse to leave. Homeowners, not appreciating the poopy mess of their uninvited guests, will call the humane society for help. The humane society then calls people like us looking for a pigeon home. Fortunately for the pigeons, we have discovered that they live quite nicely with chickens and thus we have become our local humane society’s go to crazies for adopting pigeons.

Anyways, this rescue pigeon was a beautiful specimen with frilly white feathers and a lot of attitude. We named her Serena Williams because to us, she seemed like a sassy female pigeon. Serena Williams fit in with the flock right away and made herself comfy in her new home. As we got to know Serena, we started observing humorous behavior…in one moment, Serena would be picking fights with our other pigeons (Kramer & Newman) and the next, putting on a flashy show for me in the coop. She would proudly strut around at my feet, dancing in circles, making strange noises and puffing out her chest. We did some research on these behaviours and discovered that Serena Williams was not in fact the sassy female we thought...but a male. However, the name stuck anyways.

Serena Williams the Fancy Pigeon

At the other end of the coop, a young, equally frilly white-feathered chicken we had named Celine Dion, was just maturing into a hen. She had started laying eggs and finding her place in the pecking order.

Celine Dion the Silke Hen

Right around this time, we started to notice Celine and Serena spending more and more time together. If Celine was inside laying an egg, Serena, was also inside, strutting around her. If I went to pick up Celine to show her some love, Serena would land on my shoulder and observe (not so politely) what I was doing with Celine. A couple of months later, we started noticing the two of them cuddled up together sleeping in the same nesting box every night. Although the differences between the two birds were obvious to us, Celine and Serena either chose not to see them or didn’t care. It became clear to us that our two special birds had fallen in love despite their differences, and we are the lucky people who get to witness their unlikely magic together.

Serena & Celine Cuddle Time

Serena does not understand personal space...but I don't mind!

Fabulous Celine Dion


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