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Chickens Who Cottage

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

How to transport 18 chickens to a cottage.

This year for Christmas, we received a Cottage Coop. A WHAT? A chicken coop, at the cottage. WHY? So that our chickens can come with us to the cottage of course!

We are fortunate to have a family cottage on a small lake 1.5hrs north of us, but we struggle with leaving the chickens behind. Luckily, we have amazing neighbors (shout out to The Turners!) who are always willing to watch our flock, but we recognize it’s a lot to ask of someone. This struggle sparked the idea of building a coop at the cottage so that we no longer have to leave our feathered children behind.

Not long after raising the idea with my Dad, he had picked out a spot on the property, contacted local contractors and built a shed that converted beautifully into a coop. And before we knew it, we were celebrating Christmas at the cottage with the Chickens in their brand new Cottage Coop. Thanks Dad and Mom…best Christmas gift ever!

Some of you may be thinking ok, that is a little crazy but we can follow the logic. But then this begs the bigger question, how do we get 18 chickens safely to the cottage? Luckily for you, we have documented that journey for your entertainment!

Step 1: Load chickens into homemade crates (large containers with air holes). We try to do this when it is still dark, either morning or evening, and the chickens are sleepy & calm. This makes it easier for all parties involved.

Step 2: Place the crates in the back of the truck.

Step 3: Hit the road! We take turns slowly and avoid potholes to ensure our precious cargo does not get jostled around too much. No scrambled eggs!

Step 4: Arrive at cottage & unload. We carry the crates to the Cottage Coop and set them free inside.

Step 5: Business as usual! The chickens seem to settle in just fine, eating, drinking and laying.

Step 6: Have a drink by the fire and relax!


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