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"Baby, I'll Build You A Nest" - Serena Williams, The Pigeon

We are the proud parents to the most beautiful odd couple, our Silkie Hen, Celine Dion and our Fancy Pigeon, Serena Williams. We’ve watched their love take flight over the past two years and have been amazed by their unlikely partnership. Recently, we have witnessed their commitment to each other escalate to a whole new level and it’s something so heartwarming that I had to share it with the world.

I hope this little story of love and support makes you smile and nourishes your heart with the wonder that is this little feathered couple.

Celine Dion is a “Broody Hen”. This may bring images of brooding teens to mind but in chicken talk, it means she regularly goes on a baby strike, refusing to budge from her nesting box in hopes that a chick will appear underneath her wing. This is a less than desirable trait in a hen because broodiness means they stop laying eggs. So when Spring arrived this year and Celine took up her post in her favourite nesting box, we were not surprised. But this year something different happened....

Serena, the doting husband, decided it was time for him to lend a hand, or a beak to be more precise, to the baby process.
Serena Williams, the proud nest builder.

A few weeks ago, I started to notice an odd array of foreign objects such as leaves and twigs appearing in Celine’s nesting box. At first, I assumed they had gotten stuck on her feathers when she came into the coop and I would toss them out with little thought. That was, until the leaves and twigs continued to reappear in the box surrounding Celine in increasing volumes and then a light bulb went off. Pigeons build nests for their babies. Chickens lay their eggs in nesting boxes on straw. Serena was diligently building a proper pigeon nest for Celine to help her care for the babies that she was so patiently and diligently trying to have.

Our two little birds were building a home together.

Stay tuned for the next chapter.


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