Spring; The Season of Ambition

Well Friends, Spring has sprung! This means many of us are cautiously emerging, bleary eyed, from our homes after a cold winter of...



Stories of chickens, plants and self-sufficiency 

to educate, inspire and make you laugh.


This is the journey of Meghan and Tyler, two individuals who grew up in the heart of suburbia. One always itched to move to the country where the cars are fewer, farm animals are welcome and growing your own meal is possible. The other, never had such an itch, but knew he wanted room to breathe away from the congestion of the city.

Fast forward to 2011, these two individuals met, fell in love and bought a quaint half-acre property. Is it in the country? Yes! Fewer cars? Not really…it is on the corner of a country highway – but it was what we could afford! Do we have farm animals and a garden? You bet…we have our own flock & plenty of garden beds! And lastly, we have space to breathe away from the city. So, four out of five isn't too bad!

Since moving in, life has been full of adventures…from painting an entire brick house, to tearing up countless patches of grass for garden beds, from raising our own flock of chickens, to, believe it or not, adopting pigeons and battling possums (yes, they are terrifying). We have learned so much from this crazy, beautiful journey. All the while, we are paying our bills with full time jobs in the city to help fund our homestead dream.

We discovered early on in our journey that friends and family (who probably think we’ve lost our minds) love to hear the stories of our trials & tribulations and always have plenty of questions to ask. People are genuinely curious about what we do and why, which led us to the decision to share our adventures in the hope that you may learn something new, perhaps feel inspired to try something new or most importantly, we simply make you smile. 

Here you will find the honest truth of two suburbanites, who know nothing of the farming world, attempting to grow their own food, raise farm animals, reduce their footprint on the earth, build all kinds of stuff and most of all, make many, many mistakes. This blog will be our open book to share with you our ambitious journey of becoming badass homesteaders. 




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